Remote Camera Monitoring Services in Stockton

Remote Camera Monitoring and Rapid Response Security Services

Our Remote Camera Monitoring (RCM) Services are grounded in a Detect/Deter/Disrupt philosophy, tailored to each property in Stockton, CA, and compatible with a majority of NVR surveillance systems. This allows our RCM Agents to observe all on-site dynamics in real-time. After integrating with your existing surveillance setup, we allocate a specialized team of RCM agents, trained for continuous, specific property monitoring, regardless of the time frame – during business hours, after hours, or both. These agents are meticulously trained on your property’s specifics, ready to respond aptly to evolving situations and make direct calls to emergency services as required. Further enhancing our service, our technicians employ data analytics to keep a vigilant eye on sensitive areas. Our agents conduct comprehensive scans, 24/7/365, of each camera’s feed, utilizing capabilities like pan, tilt, zoom, and, if available, activating Audio Intervention through two-way audio systems for proactive intervention. Enhance the security of your premises in Stockton, CA, with our RCM Services, seamlessly integrated with our Rapid Response option for swift deployment of Patrol Officers during non-critical emergencies.
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