Armed Services in California

Armed Security Services: Trained, Licensed, and Ready for Diverse Environments

Armed security guards receive extensive classroom and firearms training to handle an elevated role of responsibility. Armed Security Officers are equipped with a firearm of the same caliber which they completed extensive which they qualified range training with. All armed security personnel are licensed, insured and have undergone the required State Mandated Psychological Evaluation to attain their exposed firearm permit. Armed Security Officers are trained to react with deadly force to protect life ONLY when absolutely necessary and should the situation itself warrant it.

We use our dedicated team of Armed security officers to staff Cannabis retail locations, Cannabis cultivation facilities, Executive Protection security detail, educational institutions, food production, private events, concerts and more!

Armed Security Guards receive regular site inspections conducted by Field Supervisors who ensure all SOPs are being followed correctly and receive on site training as needed. Armed Officers also maintain open communication with our 24/7 Dispatch center with well timed safety calls and an active chat thread composed of Management, Dispatchers and assigned security personnel.

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