Vehicle Patrol Officers in California

Vehicle Patrol Security for Varied Properties in California

Our Security Officers who operate our fleet of Marked Patrol Vehicles are experienced in vehicle patrolling and capable of handling the issues that any group or large scale property has to offer. Our team of seasoned patrol officers are trained to understand the complexities of your portfolio of properties. In coordination with our 24/7 Dispatch Team, our patrol officers will be able to efficiently and effectively patrol each property and complete the required job tasks for the right duration of time.

Our Patrol Officers operate our fleet of patrol vehicles which contain emergency supplies such as a mini-fire extinguisher and first aid kit. These vehicles also utilize advanced GPS Tracking Technology & Dashcams monitored by our 24/7 Dispatch Center in addition to flashing Amber lights and Spot lights for deterrence and detection.

We use our dedicated team of Patrol Officers and fleet of patrol vehicles for HOA’s, residential communities, shopping centers, vacant buildings, warehouses, business parks and more!