Remote Camera Monitoring Services in California

Advanced Remote Camera Monitoring & Responsive Security Services

Our Remote Camera Monitoring (RCM) Services incorporate a Detect/Deter/Disrupt philosophy for each property and are compatible with most NVR surveillance systems, allowing our RCM Agents to monitor all on site activity in real time. Once our technicians are able to patch into your current onsite surveillance system, we then assign a dedicated team of RCM agents trained to monitor your property specifically for any duration of time needed, whether during business hours, after hours or a combination of two. Our Agents will be thoroughly trained on your property and react appropriately to the situation at hand, placing a direct call to 911 or Non Emergency as a situation develops. Our Agents will receive training on all regular and irregular activity that usually or has occurred in the past to ensure we are fully prepared.

Our team of technicians can also implement data analytics features to ensure certain vulnerable areas remain at the focal point of our Agents radar. Agents will remotely monitor each camera location and conduct detailed scans of the visible areas, 24/7/365 if needed. During these scans, our agents will watch cameras, pan/tilt/zoom (if applicable) each camera and address any unwanted activity by either activating Audio Intervention features (if applicable) through the two way audio capabilities of the system.

This service can be combined with our Rapid Response service to deploy the closest on duty Patrol Officer to the property in the event of a non life threatening emergency