Vehicle Patrol Officers in Sacramento California

Patrol Vehicle Services: Effective Property Protection

Our fleet of Marked Patrol Vehicles in Sacramento is staffed by skilled Security Officers proficient in vehicular patrolling. They are well-equipped to handle the diverse challenges of different groups and extensive properties. Each officer in our patrol team is trained to effectively manage various property types, ensuring comprehensive security coordination with our 24/7 Dispatch Team.

Our vehicles are equipped with crucial emergency supplies such as mini-fire extinguishers and first aid kits, along with advanced GPS tracking technology and dashcams. The inclusion of flashing amber lights and spotlights further boosts our deterrence and detection capabilities.

We deploy our Patrol Officers and vehicles across various locations, including HOAs, residential areas, shopping centers, vacant buildings, warehouses, and business parks. Opt for our vigilant and thorough patrol services in Sacramento to enhance the security of your property, tailored to meet your unique security requirements.