Off Duty Officers in Sacramento

Advanced Security Solutions: Deploying Off-Duty Officers

n situations requiring enhanced security due to specific work environments or job tasks, Hammer Head Security offers a crucial service in Sacramento. We utilize Off-Duty-Officers, a team composed of both active and retired law enforcement professionals, for scenarios where their specialized skills are needed. These officers are not only fully insured and licensed for private security roles but also bring a wealth of law enforcement experience, enabling them to respond effectively to any security situation.

Our Off-Duty-Officers serve in various critical areas, including Cannabis retail and cultivation facilities, Executive Protection details, and private events. Their deployment ensures that any high-security situations are managed with exceptional professionalism and skill.

If you’re in Sacramento and require specialized security services, including the expertise of our Off-Duty-Officers, please contact us. We are ready to provide the advanced protection needed for your facility or event.

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