Commercial Property Security in california

Securing Commercial Properties: Risk Mitigation and Asset Protection

Commercial properties are frequent targets for criminals and transients due to their sheer size and high value assets left often in plain sight. These items could include merchandise, raw materials, equipment, tools and even the very material making up the facility itself such as copper. Copper theft is a favorite target of most low level criminals as it can often be stolen quickly and resold to most recycling centers without question. Although they can be stripped for a simple AC Unit, more sophisticated criminal enterprises will target vacant commercial properties with no effective security measures in place.

Hammer Head Security has trained security officers who are capable of addressing the security issues that any vacant or occupied Commercial Property is facing. Our leadership team, with a combined 50 years of Security experience, has the knowledge to highlight any facility vulnerabilities and put in place security measures that will eliminate or substantially reduce them. Depending on your scope, size and budget, our Leadership team will implement a security plan that will focus on mitigating risk and contributing to your facilities’ return on investment each day.

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