Hammer Head Institute of Training has provided basic and advanced BSIS courses since 2010. Our instructors provide an inviting and real life approach to all of our courses and instructions. All of our courses are provided by a BSIS licensed instructor through our certified training facility.

Course offered to Security Guard registrants seeking to obtain their BSIS Firearms Permit. During the course, an assessment to demonstrate that they are capable of the appropriate judgment, restraint and self control for the purposes of carrying and using a firearm when performing security guard duties. Apply by completing the following steps:

  1. Take the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16pf) – $60
  2. Complete Exposed Firearm Permit Course – $120
  3. Submit your fingerprints with our Livescan agent – $112
  4. Apply online for your Exposed Firearm Permit – $100
Class Dates:
  • May – 25th-26th
  • June – 29th-30th
  • July – 13th-14th, 20th-21st, 27th-28th
  • August – 3rd-4th, 17th-18th
  • September – 14th-15th, 21st-22nd, 28th-29th
  • October – 5th-6th, 26th-27th